MobileO2 solution
MobileO2 solution

On-device client for policy enforcement, application and content discovery, and optional device management.

Client-less AppWrapper for enterprise app security.

Policy Manager

Multi-tenant Cloud based portal to secure & manage users, devices, applications and content.

Signature & Behavior based Policies.

Actionable Mobile Insights & Analytics.

Network Policy
Enforcement Engine

Inline Mobile Traffic Inspection & Policy Enforcement for Public, Private, Web Apps.

Built-in Threat Intelligence - URL, IP, App Reputation.

MobileO2 solution
Multi-tier Mobile Security
Multi-Tier Mobile Application Security-on-device, on-network admission control- This allows IT to secure the device itself, while protecting enterprise assets when the device connects to the network known and unknown threats.
Any-App Protection
Any-nostic security for ANY mobile application - enterprise, public, native and browser-based apps. MobileO2 is leveraged across all apps, so you don't have to buy/ deploy/learn different flavors of security based on the application source or type.
Granular Session-Level Controls
Granular Session-level Policy for apps, users and devices means you can be assured of "Be selective, not equal" security. Every employee is different and so are their permissions. MobileO2 allows IT to be specific about location, application access, and other parameters at a user, group, or enterprise level.
Real-time Threat Intelligence
Inline Threat Intelligence based on extensible signatures and reputation sources for URLs, IP addresses and mobile applications. Just as apps change constantly, so will the set of controls you need to secure them. With MobileO2, you get real-time threat context to help dynamically tune your security policies.
Complements your MDM/MAM/IAM/NAC/Firewall Solutions
Complements your existing MDM, MEAP, WLAN, NAC solutions. MobileO2 is purpose-built for mobile application security, and, overlays/integrates with solutions that you ma have in place for device management, WLAN, and admission control.

Compare for yourself and see why MobileO2 is the FIRST device-to-network 360° Any-App Mobile Security Platfom. Unlike today's solutions, MobileO2 is built for the full spectrum of mobile app - public, private, native, hybrid apps, cloud access, and mobile threat intelligence. Even better, try it out for yourself.

MobileO2 MobileIron Airwatch Mocana Citrix Aruba F5 Palo Alto
Network Security for Apps
Enterprise Admission Control
Public App Security for WLAN/VPN
Threat Intelligence ( URL, IP, App Reputation )
Device Security for Apps
On-Device App Wrappers for Enterprise Apps
Geo Blocking
Policy & Management
Application Provisioning & Distribution
Signature-based Policies
Behavioral Policies
On-network App Analytics
On-device Analytics

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