What does MobileO2 do?
MobileO2 is a real-time mobile risk and security management solution for a converged world of BYOD, Mobile Apps and Enterprise Access. Going beyond MDM, containers & wrappers, MobileO2 leverages the patented technology of MACS as the first Cloud-ready solution for Real-time Admission Control, Mobile Application Identity & Access, and Mobile Threat Prevention. Our solution can be implemented as an all-inclusive cloud service, or, as a complement to an existing MDM deployment.


What are the key uses for MobileO2?

MobileO2 is designed to provide

  • Real-Time Admission Control for mobile users, devices and applications
  • Mobile Application Identity and Access – public, private, Native or URL-based
  • Dynamic Mobile Threat Protection

The following are some specific use cases for MobileO2:

Application-level controls for WiFi Networks: Today’s solutions can provide controls at a user+device level. MobileO2 goes deeper and provides the necessary context – we enable you to decide what apps (public or private) a user can access when connected to the corporate network.

For the VPN-Connected Enterprise: Real-Time Mobile Visibility, Compliance and Audit based on mobile traffic inspection.

Mobile App Builders: Unlike passive MDM and MAM provisioning, we enable you to add AppWrappers and On-the-Network Real-Time Controls to protect against all threats and intrusions.

Is MobileO2 an MDM solution?

MDM functionality such as device identification, asset management and device security are baseline features in MobileO2. MobileO2 goes beyond an MDM in many ways :

MobileO2 focuses on real-time risk and compliance management of mobile apps, users and devices.

MobileO2 can function as a complement to your existing MDM solution, or, can be deployed as an All-Inclusive cloud service.

Is MobileO2 a Public Cloud Gateway?

MMobileO2 is not a cloud gateway but it shares some similarities. Since real-time admission control is a core function, mobile users traversing the network can be policy-managed around particular cloud apps that get accessed by the user. MobileO2 comes into play only when the user enters the corporate network. On-the-device controls in MobileO2 are designed to provide wrapper controls for enterprise apps and blocking features on Android devices.

How does MobileO2 reduce TCO?

MobileO2 reduces TCO in a number of ways:

  • Eliminates the need for point solutions for device management, admission control, application provisioning, and content filters.
  • Policy-based controls follow a point-and-click publishing workflow model – does NOT require use of APIs.
  • As a cloud solution, operational costs associated with managing all your mobile assets is substantially reduced.
  • MobileO2 is future-proofed – whether you want to add new devices, applications, change your risk compliance model, or include additional threat intelligence data, MobileO2 is scalable and ready.
Do I need to use the public cloud with MobileO2?

Not if you don’t want to. MobileO2 can be deployed as follows:

  • Public Cloud service – hosted by MobileO2 (Since it’s the company’s name, do we keep it as MobileO2 or use MobileO2 here as well?)
  • On-premise virtual appliance
  • Multi-tenant Cloud service hosted by your favorite managed service provider
How long does it take to deploy MobileO2?

While the Free and Device Editions take as little as 30 minutes, the Enterprise versions could take upto (can we say a maximum of?) a couple of days depending on the kinds of admission control policies you want to set-up.

How is MobileO2 priced?

For our cloud service, MobileO2 is priced on a per-device/per-month basis. For on-premise deployments, MobileO2 pricing follows a traditional licensing model that is based on the number of managed devices.

Does MobileO2 pricing include support?

Yes, standard support is included in the cloud service option. For on-premise deployments, support fees are typical of other enterprise software.